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For people who love Dame Darcy's Journal
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Monday, June 7th, 2010
10:27 am
Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
12:24 am
A somewhat steamy gothic CD sale
The following are CDs I want to sell, in order to buy more music. They are steampunkish or gothic in nature. Each CD is $7 and that is postpaid. Write me a comment here with the ones you want and I will PM you with my Paypal info in which to pay me. All CDs are brand new unless stated otherwise.

The list is:

Death by Doll --- Gasoline
Death by Doll --- Cabin Fever
Dawn Desiree --- Dancing, Dreaming, Longing
Regan Remy / High Priestess --- Sellisternia
Regan Remy/ High Priestess -- Advanced Bliss / Oaksong
Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love/ The Calvary of Light (2 CDs for $7)
Lisa Hammer -- Dakini (it's brand spanking new!)
The World/Inferno Friendship Society -- Live at Northsix
The World/Inferno Friendship Society --- Addicted to Bad Ideas
The World/Inferno Friendship Society --- East Coast Super Sound Punk of Today!
The World/Inferno Friendship Society -- Red Eyed Soul
Sophe Luxe -- Waking the Mystics
Tipton Lea and the Victorian Army --- Spectacle
Lemony Snicket Soundtrack
Rodentia The best of Dark Roots music, 2 CD set $7
The Sad Bastard Book Club -- The collected works of Carrie Anne Crowe (CD)
The Sad Bastard Book Club -- The collected works of Carrie Anne Crowe (Audiobook)

I do have a cheap list of CDs too, each for $3 postpaid!

The Cure -- 3 Imaginary Boys
Daniel Ash -- Foolish Thing Desire
Front 242 -- Front by Front
Best of The Velvet Underground
Swans Related Projects CD, featuring tracks from Drainland and Sacrificial Cake
Bjork -- Homogenic
Nine Inch Nails --- March of the Pigs
The Damned -- Skip School to See The Damned

Thanks for looking!
Tuesday, January 29th, 2008
2:02 pm
oh good, a question about Blind Date...
Does anyone happen to know the episode number or original air date of any of Dame Darcy's appearances on Blind Date? Fox Reality has been added to my satellite package and seems to air Blind Date re-runs about ten times a day, but I'd rather drink poison than watch them all just in hopes of seeing Miss Stanger.
Saturday, January 5th, 2008
12:47 am
Meatcake Compilation?
I've been trying to find a copy of the Meatcake Compilation to buy, but it seems to be over $100 at any website lucky enough to have a copy in stock. Does anyone know why it's so expensive? Admittedly, I haven't looked at the price of the book for at least a year, but I recall seeing it for $30 or so back then. Is it just REALLY, REALLY out of print...?

Anyway, this is just a bit depressing.
If anyone has an extra copy lying around or something... ;)
Monday, November 12th, 2007
12:38 pm
I see that this community has been snoozing for a bit! I first discovered Dame Darcy in a book about dollhouses (shaped like a dollhouse) in a set design class. I loved her dolls and thought to myself "Hm, Meat Cake sounds neat, I'll try to find it". I didn't know of any comic or book shops at the time that sold indy press stuff so I forgot about it for a few years and then one day at the local comic shop... "Heeey, this is Meat Cake. I remember reading about this. AND ALAN MOORE wrote for it? Wow! This must be awesome!" and what do you know? I was right. It was awesome! I bought her Greatest Hits CD and subsequently the Gasoline soundtrack (which is absolutely amazing, I missed seeing her perform live last year while touring for Death By Doll and am still kicking myself). I then bought Turn of the Century on VHS and fell even more in love with her work.
A local store was selling her t shirts for a while and I was thrilled to get the one with the girl warding off two ghosts with a cross in a graveyard. I get compliments on it all the time, even from the most staid citizens. I'd love to get another shirt, the designs are so lovely.

Take care, and may all your stockings be stripey.
Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
5:25 pm

Saturday, September 9th, 2006
11:44 pm
Illustrated Jane Eyre
Does anyone know if Dame Darcy is still taking pre-orders for her illustrated Jane Eyre? And I mean the cool pre-order where you get the free poster. Thanks!!!

Current Mood: calm
Saturday, August 12th, 2006
11:36 pm
DD on Blind DATE
I was just watching WILDEST DATING SHOW MOMENTS on E and DAME DARCY was in one of those clips.. (as a mermaid in a hot tub.. awesome) looked like it was from Blind Date!!!
I would love to see the entire show.. anyone know where i could find this?
Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
7:41 pm
Friday, October 21st, 2005
11:40 pm
hi all!
just joined. i love the dame and have talked to her once, she is such a hoot it is unbelievable. i wanted to let you all know that if you have digital cable, there is a short film by dame darcy, the illustration is by her and the animation is from someone else, and it is fantastic! it is called golden shoes i think. you can go to the menu's and it is under free movies, then palm pictures, then resfest shorts. its very short and very cool!
Friday, August 12th, 2005
6:10 pm
I wrote a book and Darcy's in it here and there. It's called Drugs Are Nice and it's out on Soft Skull in September. Darcy and I worked together and lived together off and on since 1992. You can pre-order the book on Amazon.com or get a copy from me. I couldn't get any pictures small enough to go on livejournal but if you go to myspace.com/drugsarenice you will find some. You could also not do any commerce with me, and just go to my livejournal if you care about insomnia at all, because it's all I can think about!
Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
8:10 pm
regarding dame darcy's fashion line extravaganza
i thought i read somewhere that d.d. had collaborated with so-and-so or what's-her-face on a clothing line and had done a runway show. well? any pictures? or mentions of places where it might be purchasable?

speaking of dame darcy and clothing--i'm sure i'm not the only one whose fashion sense was permanently skewed by the ladies (and zombie wolves) of sobriety straight. right? post some pictures of yourself in your best stockings, if you dare.

Current Mood: laser bean
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
1:52 pm
Help! Which issue is this from?
Hi... haven't posted here in a while.
But I have a major favor to ask. As some of you may know, Caitlin R. Kiernan wrote a book called In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers which Dame Darcy illustrated. The end papers of said book are an illustration that appeared in an issue of Meatcake. Caitlin is currently working on the text for a chapbook, and needs to know which issue it appeared in (She's got a print of it on her wall, but that's not helpful).
Anyway, it's the illustration of the lovely ladies having a drunken time around the dissecting table, copyright 2000.
I'd check this myself, but all of our older comics are currently in storage 2 1/2 hours away.
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
11:01 pm
hey guys
haven't heard much from this group lately so i was wonderin
what have you been reading lately besides the lovely dame darcy?

personally, i'm into mostly dash shaw, and some neil gaiman too, not to mention random alt comics everywhere ;-D
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
1:23 am
darcy resource
http://www.boptart.com/damedarcy has some info on dame darcy

including gems like...

and childhood pictrues
and mp3s! hooray!!!

i <3 me some dame darcy...
i didnt know fantagraphics published a meat cake compiliation.
BUT THEY DID, and that fact might interest this community.

night, ladies.
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
2:19 am
hey im brand new to this community and pretty new to dame darcy. does anyone have a link to pictures of dame darcy on the 5th wheel or blind date? thanks!
Friday, October 29th, 2004
4:19 pm
dame darcy in phoenix !
well, just in case anyone in arizona is paying attention,
dame darcy tomorrow night (10/30) at the cone gallery in phoenix!


"Dame Darcy showing & performing with The Master Musicians of Hop-Frog
for the presentations of: Dame Darcy with with 'Death by Dolls' & MMoH-F cd release party
@ the Cone Gallery's Halloween Costume party, with Buddy Greenbloom & The Spiderhole.
8 pm - midnight, $8"

1324 Grand Avenue
Phoenix Arizona 85007

Oh, boy!!
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
2:25 pm
dang it
dame darcy was in new york doin stuff and i missed it cuz i just moved away for my first year of college. i mean college is lovely and all but that was kinda sucky pour moi.
oh well. another day, another time.
.. just had to vent for a bit

Current Mood: sucky
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
2:20 pm
Sunday, August 15th, 2004
6:12 pm
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